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  • How do I get a medical card?
    If you have a qualifying condition and wish to apply for a medical cannabis card in New Mexico, you may visit the Medical Cannabis Program website at to download and fill out an application and read more about the program and qualifying conditions. Your application must be signed by a certifying practicioner and sent to the New Mexico Department of Health in Santa Fe. You can also find many clinics in your area who will complete the application for you if you qualify.
  • How do I buy from PhytoRemedies?
    If you are a licensed, non-profit medical cannabis producer in New Mexico, we offer our products and services to you wholesale. We do not sell directly to the public, but cardholding medical cannabis patients can find us at many of their favorite dispensaries across New Mexico. See "Find A Dispensary" or "Order Wholesale" to learn more.
  • Does PhytoRemedies grow or sell cannabis flower?
    No. PhytoRemedies LLC is a licensed medical cannabis manufacturer. We provide cannabis flower extracts and products to licensed medical cannabis dispensaries made from the cannabis flower they provide to us. We are experts at extraction, distillation, and manufacturing and design new and interesting products that apply to a wide range of medical card holders and ailments.
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